Roseta is a publication of the Brazilian Linguistics Association (ABRALIN), a non-profit academic organization. ABRALIN defends that scientific research carried out in academic centers should reach the general public, thus fulfilling its social objective: to promote critical thinking and dialogue between researchers and the community as a whole. In addition, ABRALIN shares the view that the popularization of science is an action of social inclusion: giving access to socially and economically excluded populations basic knowledge about science and its functioning, so that they can understand their environment, their opportunities and thus can act politically, with proper knowledge of the facts.

We believe that the approach between science and society is capable of empowering individuals and offering conditions to reflect on their relationships with each other and with language.

One of linguistics communication features is the fluid dialogue with the non-specialized audience, not the mere exposition of knowledge. Engaging on a journey with the reader is more promising than the vertical transmission of information. Connecting the knowledge produced in the academy with everyday life is an interesting method of capturing the reader, showing him/her why science (Linguistics) is relevant. Giving an aesthetic form to the content is an option in popularization. Humor is another element that is not usually used in academic texts, but is welcome in popularization texts. This is the new challenge of popularizing Linguistics: how to connect with the reader.

The magazine publishes researchers who work in the area of linguistic studies and who dialogue with the scientific knowledge produced in the area, that is, substantiating and referencing their arguments. The purpose of the cited study should be summarized, as well as some information about the author, which promotes empathy. Informing where the cited author works and what was the object of the study makes the reader feel closer to another person than the reference (last name, year).

Roseta accepts articles in continuous flow, publishing the text as soon as it is accepted. Depending on the date of publication, the article will be indexed in one of two volumes organized annually: January-June or July-December. There is no minimum qualification requirement. The magazine does not publish articles aimed at a specialist audience of linguists, nor does it publish reviews.

The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors, who take responsibility and are accountable for the contents of their article.

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